Trauma Tension Release (TRE®) Facilitator, Hypnotherapist, Registered Counsellor, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), Quantum Energy Coach (QEC)

Do you have or experience:
  • Anxiety

  • Often feel depressed

  • Have what you feel are inappropriate emotional outbursts

  • Irrational fears

  • Anger for no apparent reason

  • An addiction

  • Want addiction support while in recovery

  • Children/Teenager challenges

  • Just feel life is overwhelming you and not coping

  • Want bereavement support

  • Or want to change your life purpose/direction/style


Many individuals experience the above at one time or another in their lives. If however this is a persistent theme that has a negative impact on your quality of life or those around you, seeking assistance might be strongly recommended.

We all deserve to live a happy healthy life, loving ourselves, and also accepting ourselves unconditionally, and this is attainable.  



Call ichangeme (079 614 7181) or send an email ( I will get back to you as soon as I am able.





Research has shown that the mind/body heals itself optimally when it is not in a state of crisis. This crisis can be either physical, mental or spiritual (existential crisis), and can be  caused by experiencing trauma, directly, indirectly or vicariously. These traumas range from early childhood trauma (beyond remembrance, up until 7yrs of age), forgotten trauma or even imagined trauma, and remembered trauma. The mind-body link is proven beyond doubt, dealing with trauma in a compassionate, non-judgmental way leads to long lasting benefits and positive quality of life.


I fit the session content to the clients process not vice versa. I don't believe in cookie cutter approaches, one size does not fit all when dealing with individuals who are on their own special path.

Duration of therapies &



3 weeks of 2 spaced sessions per week

6 weeks of 1 session per week

12 sessions in a complete cycle, with one free session included: R 3300 (Payable in advance)


Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis: 3 x sessions  = R 2600.00

Past Life Regression      : 1 x session    = R800.00

Smoking Cessation        : 3 x sessions  = R 2500.00


6 weeks of 1 session per week = 6 sessions in the complete cycle = R 1800 (Payable in advance).


Support Counselling:

1 session = R 400, in most cases I only see clients for no less than 3 months.

(Payable monthly in advance).


3 sessions in a complete cycle: R 1400 (Payable in advance)


Information Talk on Trauma: Info on request.

Sober Companion: Info on request.

Addiction Consultation: Info on request.


Please do not hesitate in contact me if you have questions in connection with the above.

Area of work &
Consultation times


Areas I work in:


Helderberg: Gordons Bay, Strand, Somerset West

Overstrand: Rooiels to Hermanus,  Kleinmond



Consultation Times:

Monday – Friday       : 8 am until late

After Hours -               On request.


Consultations are confidential and discretion is used at all times.

I found the Trauma Tension Release exceptionally beneficial during a very traumatic period in my life. Together with Donovan's transformation coaching skills, I managed to get myself together again and started my healing process. I appreciate that Donovan cared enough to always keep me pointed in the right direction. I highly recommend Donovan


With a child that was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia at the age of 24 and drug addiction problems, I was against the wall 2 years ago. Three mental health clinics/institutions and two rehab clinics could not change my sons behaviour or old ways. I was told by many doctors/psychiatrists that even if he stays on his meds he will not get better, only if he starts taking responsibility for his life will there be slight improvement.


Donovan has given my child hope for a normal life, guiding him step by step how to get his life back by focusing on the positive healthy things in life. My son has a job, interacts with all kinds of people and I can see his confidence growing all the time. I have learned that due to my hectic lifestyle I sometimes needed sessions myself, that helped me tremendously.
Donovan's ability to calm anybody in a very chaotic situations is remarkable. He always has very helpful tricks when you think things are no longer fixable. His honesty and gentle way of discussing third party perspectives makes sessions have a positive outcome.


I've learned: Life is to short and valuable not to invest in a happy life, and to be happy we need to start with ourselves...our mental state! 


Thank you Donovan, you have definitely changed a lot in my household for the better


My 7yr old son was about to be labeled ADHD at his school by his teachers, on completing 3 months TRE with Donovan my son no longer has to sit in front of the class, received a Cum Laude for prepared reading, and is so much calmer and more focused than previous. I appreciate your effort and guidance Donovan, thank you


Prior to my session with with Donovan I had no idea how Hypnotherapy worked and what would result from it. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Donovan clearly explained what would happen throughout the session. Afterwards, I felt deeply relaxed and had the best nights sleep in months. Apart from the relaxation, I noticed subtle positive changes and shifts on how I  perceived myself and reacted to difficult situations. My confidence and self belief are much improved as a result. Thanks Donovan


Donovan has helped me understand that I am able to overcome life's challenges with his no nonsense practical approach and guidance. It works!


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