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February 6, 2017 first blog post from the Monkey's Suitcase, just please be aware I have no set subject matter, there will be a cornucopia of ideas, thoughts, and things I have discovered, we can explore them all...I do value feedback so don't be shy, we cant, and shouldn't agree on everything.


I had a great Sunday at the South African Institute of Hypnotism( my Alma Mate so to speak), open day, like minded people, good healthy food, awesome experiential talks, and as always some people taking themselves really seriously:))


Lets talk a bit about addiction. A thing I find rather interesting/questionable is the NA and AA still adhering to the principle of 'Hi my name is ….... and I'm an alcoholic'. I have facilitated groups in addiction clinics where it is required to introduce yourself this way. Does this not fly in the face of all we now know of the brain, 'Neuroplasticity' and 'Epigenetics' might be looked at to give clarity around better ways of addressing this 'I am an addict' way of thinking and being. So normally it's around about now people in the addiction business (and yes it's a business) become angry at me, then I ask them if the old system is working so well why is recidivism so high. I don't have the answers, at least I'm prepared to ask tough questions. A great book to read about the world of addiction is 'In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts' authored by Dr Gabor Matte, not a manual of any sorts, his experiences at his clinic written from a real life perspective, funny, sad, and every other emotion.


So that's it or enlighten me:)))


I would like to thank Kyle Van Shalkwyk for developing this website for me, and putting up with all my changes of mind (I still want things added and removed Kyle):))To Dean for the behind the scenes IT tech stuff, and for Luke making awesome tea and coffee, thanks again guys.  

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