People who should...well they don't...

Hi all, so what about the above?...yes, I am using a word I rarely if ever use...SHOULD, we often don't live by our 'SHOULD'S' and yet always expect others to..I regress, apologies.

Anyway, who should what?...people who would benefit from talking to someone about how tough it is right now, in our personal lives, work, Covid, the uncertain times we live in...I can go on at length but you get the message I'm sure.

Often that person people speak to has an invested interest in the outcome of the change that would happen...dicey right, or even worse, they simply have no experience in the matter, or perhaps not that interested.

What does happen is people will attempt to problem solve, come up with solutions for you. Most times that will not help you because you are aware of many ways to overcome your challenges, getting to the root cause and finding a way from there is not easy, or you would have sorted it by now.

I hope I'm making sense to you out there, if in a very cumbersome way :)

Don't get a dentist to fix your plumbing, or a plumber to remove your to someone who has the skills, shop around, if the first facilitator you have a session with is not a good fit don't give up, see another, until you find that good fit.

Working through the things in your life which trip you up is not a luxury, you are worth it, you just want to start believing you are...

My book recommendation is...'The Brain that Changes Itself', Dr Norman Doidge, there is also a YouTube documentary on this book...and that's all folks...

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